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Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> family and friends organized a memorial for 8:30 this evening and her car, a 2011 subaru was taken fromçó her driveway. it's still missing. >> there is occupy oakland demonstrators today and contractors are busying cleaning up. nick smith is live where many folks are tired of it all. nick? >> this is where the mayor wanted tonight to be about the a's and their success but this week marks a one-year anniversary of the movement and this bench where i'mxd standing now was ground zero for the camp ground. you know since yesterday once again, they took the streets and costing thousands of damage to the city. >> just makes me feel terrible about what's happening in oakland. >> matthew, like many in oakland believe the city has seen enough violence and protests. >> there is÷úzeez a lot of great things happening. >> this took a back seat. he woke up to learn city hall had been the target of protestors intent on causing damage. >> when there are people breaking glass and destroying property it takes away frop exciting things happening oakland.ym >> there is an employ each is $20,000. d
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. and police believe the killer took off with ko's car, blue 2011 blue subaru hatchback with idaho license plates. >> a man was arrested in golden gate park this afternoon after police say he assaulted a woman. it happened in the mallard lake area of the park at 4:00 m. police tell us the man dragged the woman into the bushes. no word if she suffered any injuries. >> two residents are saved after escaping a house fire in daly city today. i it was reported shorely -- shortly after noon. 14 cats and two dogs were rescued from the residences but two of the cats later died. >> apple is not responding to conflicting reports about problem at china's factory where iphones are manufactured. they're denying the workers staged a strike to protest working conditions, but a workers advocacy group says there was a work stoppage that temporarily paralyzed production lines. >> now to this weekend's big story, all the events going on in san francisco, from fleet week and america's cup to parades and festivals. hundreds of thousands of people have flowed into the city. sergio fin can a -- quintana
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2